A few weeks ago, my cousin Timmy, which I haven’t seen since I was a little boy, came to vist us.  His mom, dad’s sister, is living since many years ago in London. This visit was quite a surprise for me, since  he had been in Romania only once as a child. Now he is 25 years old and anxious to meet Romania.

Once we got reunited, he asked me to join him in his one week trip around our country. I enjoyed his proposal because I like to travel and in the same time I know I allways discover new and exciting places.

In the third day, we arrived in Bucharest. As we were driving along Romana Plazza towards the Government Building, suddenly Timmy  stopped the car and looked straight on. He has seen the entrance to Erotic Massage Salon Bucharest. Since that point, our plans changed. He was curious about the services offered there, especially since he told me  he had some nice similar experiences in London before his arrival here.

Later that evening, after makinf an online appointment, he went there.  Next morning, while drinking our coffe, I asked him if it was the same as he aspected. Timmy confirmed me that he met there very beautiful girls doing their work in a professional manner, and that this place fulfilled the same standards as simillar places in Central London.

A few days ago my cousin went back to London. In the last morning he left Brasov very early, even if he had his flight in the evening, just to hare time for another go to the Erotic Massage, because he vanted to relive that pleasant sensationa again.

What can I say? I hope he will also remember  something else from Romania other than erotic massage Bucharest.





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